Honey Comb

Honey Comb

If you want an authentic and unreal culinary experience, then you want the purest form of honey available - Comb Honey. Comb Honey is as close to the beehive as you can get. The comb is cut directly from the hive and packaged, no processing is done. This is pure, raw, unprocessed honey at its finest. Few people have had the opportunity to try honey comb and fewer know that it is something you can eat - wax included. Each cell in this comb honey is bursting with raw Gallberry Honey, a very sweet and flavorful honey. Comb Honey is perfect to pair with a variety of cheeses and fruits and you can even chew the comb like gum.

3 of our favorite ways to eat raw comb honey:
1. Break off a chunk and stick it in your vanilla ice cream
2. Cover an einkorn cracker with brie or cheddar and top with a chunk of comb honey (or use the comb honey as a cracker!
3. On a cheese Platter.